W-1 Toothbrush Speaker System

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*The W-1 Toothbrush removes plaque 10x BETTER than a manual toothbrush. Get the "right after the dentist" feeling every day.

*The W-1 Smart Speaker charging dock pumps out your favorite streaming content while charging your toothbrush.


1 x Electriс Toothbrush Head with Handle

1 x Bluetooth Charging Speaker

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x USB Power Adaptor

1 x Wall Mount


Place the bristles against the teeth at a 45 degree angle towards gumline. Move the bristles slowly in circular motion. Do not scrub teeth, but apply light pressure to allow sonic vibrations to deeply clean. Replace brush heads every 3 months.

The Toothbrush & Speaker System that makes you look and feel your best.

The W-1 System is engineered to provide a deep teeth cleaning and unique interactive experience inside your bathroom every day. A brushing experience like never before.

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Powerful Sonic Technology

With up to 48,000 vibrations per minute, the W-1 brush packs top-of-the-line power within its lightweight design. Sonic brushing technology removes plaque through intense sweeping and scrubbing while also disrupting hard to reach plaque and liquids beyond the tips of the bristles, ensuring a deep cleaning.

Three Brushing Modes

Adjust the W-1 to your brushing needs with ease. Toggle through the three sonic modes using the 1-touch power button: Clean (standard for regular cleaning), White (deep cleaning ) and Sensitive (gentle cleaning).

Stay on Track with Timers

The brush quickly pauses every 30 seconds, signalling you to switch over to another quadrant of your mouth (top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left), allowing for an even clean each time. For an effective daily cleaning, dental professionals recommend brushing your teeth for at least 2 minutes, twice a day. The W-1 is configured to automatically shut down after 2 minutes, encouraging for effective brushing with minimal effort.

Extended Battery Life

The W-1's lithium ION battery typically provides 28 days of regular brushing on one charge, allowing for tidy bathroom setups and convenient packing when travelling. The speaker is equipped with a magnetic inductive charger, allowing for effortless control when picking up and charging the brush.

No More Expensive Dental Bills

Adopting a healthy oral care routine with the W-1 Toothbrush will keep your teeth in their best condition. Electric toothbrushes are proven to remove plaque 10x better than manual brushes, which leaves less work for your dentists. Lower your risk for cavities and gingivitis with the W-1 to save you money in the future.

A New Way to Get Up in the Morning


Rich, Omni-Directional Sound

Studies show that listening to music has numerous benefits - including improving your overall mood, lowered stress levels, increased productivity and strengthening brain skills like learning and memory.

Kick your day off with the right playlist; get ready for a night out with some bumping beats; or wind down for the evening with some toned-down tracks. The W-1 sets the mood of your choice.

The W-1's omni-directional speaker has a custom driver design that utilizes the latest passive radiator technology to produce deep bass and clear defining tones that will radiate through your entire bathroom.

IPX 5 Water Resistant

Designed and engineered for the bathroom environment, Wavee's speaker boasts an IPX 5 rating, providing exceptional resistance to water splashes, low-pressure jet sprays and moisture from shower steam.

Works With Alexa

Wavee can make multi-tasking a breeze. The W-1 is Amazon Alexa-compatible, allowing you to initiate your music player, create a to-do list, set an alarm, stream a podcast, play audiobooks, report the weather, traffic, sports, news and more.

Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity

The W-1 speaker is equipped with Bluetooth 5 connectivity, the latest iteration of Bluetooth wireless technology.

Lithium Ion Battery Charge

The W-1 Speaker uses a lithium-ion battery that provides up to 8 hours of continuous playback time. Conveniently charge using the provided USB-C cable.

Wall Mount

Save precious real estate on your bathroom vanity by mounting your W-1 on a wall, mirror or any flat surface using the detachable wall mounting plate.

Why a Speaker and a Toothbrush?!

Music + Your Morning Routine = Life Hack

We are strong believers that your self care routine is your "Me Time" and that routine does not have to be boring.

It's a LIFE HACK that we all live by. Everything is just better with music and numerous studies that show the benefits that music can do to a person's overall well being.

The W-1 is at the right place at the right time to put you in the mood to conquer your day and smile your brightest.

  • Music Releases dopamine in the brain which is our "happy hormone"

  • It ENERGIZES you and sets the tone for the day

  • Reduces Stress

So go ahead and dance a little.





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Frequently asked questions

Does the speaker need to be plugged into a power outlet to operate?

No. The W-1 Speaker is powered by a lithium-ion battery that provides a playback time of 8 hours when fully charged. Charging through the provided USB-C cable will take approximately 3 hours.

Does the speaker accept Alexa voice recognition commands?

Alexa voice recognition is activated when the microphone button is depressed on the speaker and Amazon’s Alexa app is open and running in the background of your smart phone.

Does the wall mount require screws?

The mount attaches to your wall or mirror with 3M double-sided tape. This allows for the W-1 to be moved around your bathroom wall whenever you choose without leaving any permanent marks.

What are the dimensions of the speaker?

The height of the speaker is 120 millimeters, and its diameter is 115 millimeters. It weighs 800 grams.

What is your return/exchange policy?

If you are not satisfied with your product or it defective, you may return or exchange it for a new one within 90 days, less shipping and handling fees.

This toothbrush is fantastic. The vibration takes a bit of getting used to but the clean feeling you get from the work it does makes you forget pretty fast.
— Sandra


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