V34 Mouthwash

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Introducing Wavee V34 Mouthwash – your new essential for dental hygiene and a dazzling white smile.

Enriched with the innovative V34 formula, our mouthwash is the ultimate game-changer in combating yellow tones and ensuring fresh breath on the go. INSTANTLY.

Unveil the power of portability with our individually packaged sachets, perfect for travel, work, or any moment your smile needs a burst of
brilliance. Wavee V34 Mouthwash isn't just a breath freshener; it's an instant smile enhancer. It promises a visibly whiter smile without the use of peroxide. Experience the ease of achieving your brightest smile with a simple swish.


Make Wavee V34 Mouthwash Sachets your on-the-go companion.

1. Tear open a sachet for a burst of minty freshness.

2. Swish the solution around your mouth for 30 seconds.

3. Spit out the solution (no swallowing)

4. Refrain from rinsing your mouth with water for the full effect.

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v34 - The Quickest Way to a Brighter Smile

Positioned opposite on the color wheel, purple and yellow represent a classic complementary pair, serving as the foundation for effective color correction. v34 seamlessly neutralizes yellow tones. It unveils the true radiance of your smile, leaving it visibly brighter and irresistibly vibrant INSTANTLY. Experience the blend of science and simplicity, unlocking the secret to a confidently dazzling smile.



Yellow and purple join forces in Wavee V34 Mouthwash to neutralize yellow undertones, revealing a brighter, more vibrant shade of white.

This unique mouthwash, now conveniently packed in sachets, counter-balance different hues in your teeth, concealing stains, and enhancing overall brightness with every refreshing use.



Wavee V34 Mouthwash Sachets are perfect for individuals on the go. Tailored for those seeking a quick and effective oral care solution, our color-correcting mouthwash allows you to maintain your naturally white teeth in a tasty, minty-fresh solution.

Additional Benefits:

Beyond its color-correcting magic, Wavee V34 Mouthwash Sachets offer the usual benefits of a high-quality mouthwash:

Fresh Breath: Enjoy an instant burst of minty freshness that leaves your breath feeling clean and revitalized.

Oral Hygiene: Maintain optimal oral health by reducing plaque, fighting bacteria, and promoting gum health.

Confidence Boost: With every use, experience the confidence that
comes with a brilliantly bright and minty-fresh smile.

Elevate your oral care routine with Wavee V34 Mouthwash Sachets -
the pocket-sized post-whitening treatment that corrects color and delivers a comprehensive solution for a healthier, more confident smile!