Premium Teeth Whitening Strips

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Sensitivity Free

Intensive Whitening & Enamel Safe

Strong Adhesion & Residue Free

Use anytime & anywhere

Whitens up to 4 shades in a single pack.

Safe for enamel and does not cause tooth or gum sensitivity

Strips fit tight and comfortable on teeth so your day is not interrupted.

Easy to use, Simple to apply, Fast Results.

90 day money back guarantee


Premimum Teeth Whitening Strips (14 Sets)

Teeth Shade Guide

User Manual


1. Allow at least one hour after brushing your teeth to use the whitening strips.

2. Do not re-use the strips. Dispose after each use.

3. Accidentally swallowing some of the whitening gel is safe.

4. Gently brush or rinse off any excess gel.

For best results use whitening strips for two weeks, every three months.



On a date and want to stay fresh? Over time the surface of your teeth lose precious minerals through wear and tear. Hydroxyapatite rebuilds this protective layer and strengthens your teeth.


This ingredient is our weapon against tough stains. PAP is clinically proven to whiten your teeth without causing sensitivity or irritation.


You only get 1 set of adult teeth your entire life and Potassium Citrate helps protect your long term from any sensitivity.

Whitening strips that really work with no after-taste and tooth sensitivity.

Amazing taste and they dissolve in your mouth - no rinsing or washing required. And you see a difference after just one use.

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